quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012


Three slender ithyphallic fauns supporting a basin, found in a house in Pompeii.

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  1. Pompei used to be such a great destination! I remember visiting it when I was younger and when there were fewer tourists walking up and down the cobbled streets. The whole thing is now in a shocking state of disrepair because the relevant authorities can't finance its maintenance, but it's still one of the most impressive site to visit in the world. I remember seeing this piece (or a copy of it most probably).

  2. Pinguim - E na minha também...XD

    AC - I visited Pompeii 8 years ago and was one of the most spectacular sites I've ever been. It is a true time travel. At that time was not so bad as you say, but I have heard recent news that confirms what you said. Abraço.

    Ricardo - É magnífica.