quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

Born April 14, John Gielgud

Tony winner, Grammy winner, BAFTA winner, John Gielgud is often considered one of the world's finest actors. A consummate performer of Shakespeare on stage and screen, Gielgud was equally at home in historical dramas such as Brideshead Revisited (and Caligula), experimental works such as Beckett's Catastrophe, and contemporary comedies such as Arthur. For nearly forty years he lived with his partner Martin Hensler. In 1953, he was arrested and convicted of cottaging in Chelsea Mews. Afterward the public did not scorn him; rather, at his next appearance on stage he was given a standing ovation. That same year he was knighted. Although he was out and discussed his homosexuality in his autobiography, when he died at ninety-six in 2000, many newspaper articles degayed his life and omitted his partner of almost four decades. When criticized for this, the Washington Post defended their decision saying he was known for being an actor, not for being gay. Their long obituary included the details that he loved to garden and enjoyed trashy commercial paperback novels but not a word about his relationship.

Via "Band of Thebes" aqui nos links ao lado.

Grande actor.

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