terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

graphic designer - Ruud van Empel

"The fact that many of the children in his compositions have a dark skin is a facet that cannot remain without comment. Although it is self-evident that a child’s skin colour is not important, the iconography of the innocent child was traditionally represented by ‘white’ children. The earliest examples of this date from the early seventeenth century. These are portraits in which children are captured in an idealized, pastoral setting. It is a genre to which the children’s portraits of the German artist Otto Dix, a source of inspiration to van Empel, refer. In deviating from the standard iconography by giving the child a dark skin, Van Empel inadvertently assumes a political stance. After all, this child is still the focus of discrimination and its innocence is not recognized by everyone as being self-evident." - Jan Baptist Bedaux

Van Empel’s working method is a complex one. He photographs 4 or 5 professional models in his studio and takes many detailed photographs of leaves, flowers, plants and animals. The models pictures are mixed with these images using the Photoshop program and with clothes photographed separately on a tailor’s dummy. In this way he creates new images of mainly children, in black and white, set in a paradisaical environment.

3 comentários:

  1. Absolutamente divino. Uma maravilha! Não conhecia e te agradeço pela divulgação!
    ( adorei tambei a foto " de charme" da E. Taylor) vôce encontra cada coisa!

    sebastien paul Lucien

  2. Obrigado pela visita. Eu também adoro não só porque as imagens são belíssimas mas sobretudo porque fazem pensar. Abraço.

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